With Product and Price Research, we find the right manufacturers for the product you are looking for. We collect data about company and product quality and report to you.

You've already done research about the product you're interested in, but you still have doubts about the factory itself and the quality they provide, our experts will visit factories and conduct inspections and report to you with their expertise ideas and product images.

We carry out all the inspections for the quality control requested in the production stage with Product and Quality Control and report to you.

After you place your order in the factory, we are usually informed by them when the products are ready for shipment. We ensure that the products comply with your standards and satisfaction, and we ensure that the measurements, quantities, weights are in compliance with your requirements. After these last- minute checks, we are ready to be present at the factory warehouses for loading with the manufacturer and to take the necessary photos and videos to send to you.

We also provide all the support you need to participate in factory visits, contracts and exhibitions.